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Proform 135 CSX

On Sale $199.00
Sale price$299.00

Quality exercise bike for anyone on a budget but wants to make room for fitness in there day. No need to break the bank for this one. This 74lb. bike can sit anywhere in your house. Put it in front of your tv and watch your favorite tv shows will...

Proform Hybrid Trainer: Make Room For Elliptical Weight Lost

Why consider an elliptical trainer? The best elliptical trainers are stationary exercise machines that imitates walking, running or stair climbing without putting too much pressure on the joints which in turn lowers the risk of getting injured. Proform hybrid trainer is an exercise machine that has a combination of both the elliptical...

Proform Power 1495 Treadmill

On Sale $1,449.00
Sale price$1,999.00

One of ProForm’s Best Treadmills  The new ProForm Power 1495 treadmill is the updated version of both the popular and well-reviewed PRO 2500 (PFTL14011) and Performance 1450 (PFTL145110) models. The new 1495 has the best of when they had, and more. Big 3.5 chp motor, incline/decline, iFit-enabled, web-enabled, 10” color...

ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill

On Sale $449.00
Sale price$599.99

The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill will help you get the exercise you need to look and feel your best. This exercise machine features multiple programs so you can personalize your workout. The LCD display shows your calories burned, time, speed, distance and more. You can also track your heart rate...

Proform Hybrid Trainer Elliptical

On Sale $399.00
Sale price$799.00

Top Features Proform Hybrid Design - Fitness Technology Proform Hybrid Trainer The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is an elliptical fitness machine that can give you the motivation that you just do not find with other pieces of exercise equipment. You can use the elliptical trainer to work your core, lower body and...

Why The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Will Get Your Fitness Back

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer What will your excuse be in the summer? The Proform Hybrid Trainer is the most affordable and elite elliptical trainer/recumbent bike on the market. With an array of unique features to fit any experience level, amateur or expert. If you ask people what comes to mind...

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill

On Sale $1,799.00
Sale price$2,999.00

The Treadmill with the Tech Boost iFit® Coach Ready™* Have you ever wished that you could just wake up and work out halfway across the world? Now you can with the high-tech ProForm® Pro 9000. This iFit® Coach Ready™ treadmill automatically adjusts the incline and decline to recreate trails and...

ProForm Tour De France Pro 5.0 Exercise Bike

On Sale $1,999.00
Sale price$2,999.00

Top Features The Feeling That's Real TDF Pro 5.0 Lead the peloton from the saddle of the ProForm® TDF Pro 5.0. Enjoy the real road feeling of automatic incline and decline that simulates any stage terrain. Race through the actual 2015 Tour de France from Utrecht, Netherlands to the Champs...

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical

On Sale $899.00
Sale price$999.00

Top Features Hike to the Summit—Before Breakfast 0 - 10° Power Adjustable Incline We know you love the outdoors. That's why we made incline training available on your elliptical. Now you can hike any mountain without leaving your living room.With a quick adjustment, this ramp modifies your incline allowing you...

ProForm Pro2000 Treadmill

On Sale $1,299.00
Sale price$1,900.00

Designed for Versatility:For the Walker, Jogger, and Runner in Us All Built on 30 years of fitness engineering and technology, the ProForm®Pro 2000 is designed to burn more calories, improve real-road conditioning, and boost cardio endurance. So your health, your family, and your home get exactly what they need. Work...



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