Why The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Will Get Your Fitness Back

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer

What will your excuse be in the summer?

The Proform Hybrid Trainer is the most affordable and elite elliptical trainer/recumbent bike on the market. With an array of unique features to fit any experience level, amateur or expert.

If you ask people what comes to mind when they hear the words "fitness" and "in shape" many will think of a slim stomach area. Obviously being "fit" isn't the same as being "in shape". A sumo wrestler can be fit too, compared to an Olympic swimmer who must be in shape.

One thing is certain though. Before you can get in shape you need to get fit and it all starts with Proform.

The Hybrid Trainer is a elliptical trainer and recumbent bike all in one. The benefits are you will engage your core and upper body with the bike and lower body with the elliptical. A more complete workout for optimal results.

Cardio exercise and dieting are essential to burning fat. Depending on how far behind you are I'd say the best time to start is now.

Remember our abdominal area is probably the last place are body is looking to take fat from. So you have to lose it everywhere else first before you lose it in your targeted areas.

One of the reasons the Hybrid Trainer is a popular product is due to it's advanced workout technology.

As an iFit VIP you can access pre-drawn Google Maps™ routes that can take you on long journey's. In a sense lose yourself in your workout and fall into the zone. You can also create your own routes!

Built in Watts power reader so you know when to pick up the pace or slow down. This is essential to timing your workouts. You don't want to go 100mph in the start only to burn out 2 minutes later... Find your level and stick to that level.

The Hybrid Trainer is Affordable

The Hybrid Trainer is perfect for those who want to get in shape without spending too much. At it's level of quality and functions it still beats many similar machines that go for nearly double the price.


Overall what's most important is your determination. It's not easy to get in shape when your not motivated to. Maybe you want to get in shape, but not as bad as you want to relax on a Saturday.

A great way to spark your motivation would be to challenge yourself. If you feel you are unfit or out of shape then it's time to take control back. Call yourself to action and make a change.

Your health deserves it. Just 30-minutes everyday for 3-months could transform you.

"Starts as an interest, turns into a habit and becomes apart of your routine."

Make the Proform Hybrid Trainer apart of your lifestyle and you'll find a happier, healthier you. That's what comfortable living is all about!

We hope you enjoyed this article and feel a more motivated to get back in shape.

If you would like to purchase the Hybrid Trainer today please follow the link at the bottom. Also make sure you sign-up so you can save more money on your purchases!


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