What's A Good Massage Chair To Buy With A $4k Budget?

Hands down the Osaki os-4000LS or the Osaki os-pro maxim are everything you need and expect from a massage chair.


Both chairs have several rollers that hit from your neck all the down to your buttocks and hamstrings. It goes pretty deep as well! The os4000ls, one of Osaki's more recent releases goes for about $3.2k and you can bet that calling in will help assure you get the best price.

View the Osaki os-4000ls

You can separately control the seating section from ottoman section to take full advantage of the chairs features. This was implemented into the newer models as previous ones( like the os-1000) were only able to function simultaneously. Customers enjoyed saving a few bucks, but it did come at a price.

You'll want to go a lot deeper with your back and shoulder massage sessions compared to your calves. It's nice that you can separately control this function on the OS-4000LS and Pro-Maxim.

Another unique feature is that the 4000ls(contrary to the 4000t) has adjustable shoulder widths. Every body shape is different and this chair was designed to compliment that quality.

Os-Pro Maxim

Now the Pro Maxim is a step above the 4000ls in design and quality. You can get this massage chair for about $3.3k after coupons. There is body scanning software on the chair that literally maps out your body’s structure and massages it to that shape.

View The OS-Pro Maxim 

Both chairs come with Osaki's standard 3-year warranty and the option for White Gloves delivery. You can expect the chair to arrive in 5-10 days depending if you opted for white gloves delivery or not.

Either way you’re really well off with either of these choices. We specialize in the retail of massage chairs so if you have any questions we'd be happy to assist you.

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