The Best commercial Wifi-Door lock For 2017!

The Lockstate LS-6i commercial Wifi door-lock is being widely considered by Airbnb and VBRO's as the best wifi lever door-set for 2017. 

The LS-6i is a wifi door lock that can be operated from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Best suited for commercial use, the LS-6i is among the premier wifi locks in the on-going trend. ls-6i commercial wifi door lock

Affordable and easy to install, the LS-6i is great for being alerted when someone is accessing a property. You get alerted by phone every time by the Lockstate Cloud system via Instant Message.

You can send out specific codes to unique individuals so you'll know exactly who is accessing your property/office and when they're doing it. This is especially useful if you have important information that only a few have access to.

You can create codes on the fly and delete them whenever an employee/guest leaves. ls-6i commercial wifi door lock

Imagine... You own an airbnb and a guest is about to check-in. No need to make the journey all the there to let them in as you can send a friendly text with their custom key code and you're done. Once they check out, simply delete the code!

One of the best benefits about this wifi door lock is it will help prevent lost and stolen items that seem to be occurring when you're not around.

Built to last, the LS-6i is weather proof so all weather conditions are welcome. ls-6i commercial wifi door lock

The lock does require a $11.88 per year fee and this is to keep the lock connected to the Lockstate cloud server. It's well worth it as this lock is meant to give your life a bit more security & automation so you can free up your busy day.

The LS-6i goes for $469.00 and you can get it for less by taking advantage of our monthly promotions.

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