Massage Chair Comparison Osaki 4000 vs OS 4000CS & OS-4000LS

When customers are searching for a quality model of Massage chairs, it may become a little confusing, especially since the buyer may find several different similar versions online when they are shopping around. To keep down the problems that buyers may be experiencing, this article is being written with the intent of clarification along with details that describe the advantages and benefits of each model in this series.

The OS-4000 Series Is Most Popular

With this in mind, it is important to note that there are 4 different models available in this series, which includes the OS-4000, OS-4000CS, OS-4000LS, and the OS-4000T. Even though there may be others online, the official model numbers for Osaki are the ones that’s listed above in the line-up that has just been presented to you. Aside from having different colors as a variation, this is the list that people should pay close attention to if they want the authentic Osaki massage chairs for their personal use.

OS-4000 vs OS-4000T Massage Chairs

Over the years, everyone should know that the OS-4000 model has been the company’s most popular since it has provided consumers with the top deals. In fact, because it has a very reasonable price for consumers and offers a full body massage to the users, it is considered to have everything that most buyers want, need and prefer. Some of its most coveted features are provided to you below.

  • Full body air compression
  • s-track design
  • heat 30” roller stroke
  • body scan

Along with the features provided above, this massage chair is has been designed with both pre-programmed with a manual options that allows each user to take advantage of 6 different massage techniques. However, as this model is being gradually being phased out with a replacement that has more and more improved features, it is currently being replaces with the OS-4000T. The OS-4000T distinct features and advancements are provided to you below.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

With our latest versions, our team has responded to some of the changes requested by our customers. One of the most significant is the adjustable shoulder airbags that fit different body types. Meaning instead of only being restricted to one or more, there are 3 different widths provided for those that need it. As a result, the consumers that did not have this feature available to them can now use it comfortably.

Space Saving Technology

Space savings is always a plus for those who have limited space to store a massage chair in their home or office. So, with the latest models, this too has been addressed by providing features that allows the user to utilize only 4” of space for a full recline instead of 18” storage requirements.

Deep Massage

The CS and the LS models have additional programming for deeper massage capabilities. Particularly, in the neck area where the earlier models lacked, and these versions have more padding that can easily be removed if not needed.

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