Best Massage Chairs For 2017/2018

Best Massage Chairs For 2017/2018

So we carefully compiled a list of the best massage chairs to look out for in 2017/2018. All Chairs in the article are USA Brands, ships manufacturer-direct and are backed with a full 3-year warranty.

Choosing the Right Massage Chair

Massage chairs can make all the difference in terms of a person's back health, and the best massage chair for 2017/2018 will do so much more efficiently than most others. It's important to keep a few things in mind when picking a massage chair. For one thing, people should look at the areas of the body that the massage chair is capable of addressing.

Massage chairs that have a broader reach are going to offer people much better results, since people are going to carry tension in multiple muscles throughout their bodies, and the muscular system connects across various points.

It's also important to take into account whether or not a massage chair is going to accommodate a person based on his or her size, which might a problem for both taller and shorter people. Some people are going to want massage chairs that save space around the house, and other people are going to prefer massage chairs that allow them to listen to music during sessions. The top10 best massage chairs are usually going to have all of these qualities and more.

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Cost: $2595.00
You Save: $1300
You Pay Shopping With us:  $1295.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Cream
 People can get a full-body seat, leg, and back massage with this massage chair. The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair conforms itself to all of the unique contours and shapes of a person's body, achieving a level of flexibility that people are rarely going to get among massage chairs. It reclines to one hundred and seventy degrees, so it should be relatively easy for people to find a position on the chair that is comfortable enough for them.


Cost: $6295.00
Save $1000 More! (After Coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $6295.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Cream
 There are three different massage settings and five different intensity ratings with this massage chair. There is an MP3 player connection with the Osaki 3D-Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Recliner, and chomatherapy lights that will help people when it comes to properly relaxing and feeling comfortable during a massage. The shoulders, hips, legs, feet, and waist all get a massage with the Osaki 3D-Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Recliner.


Cost: $3295.00
Save$1000 More! (After Coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $1395.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Grey
This is one of the least expensive massage chairs that people are going to find, which should make all the difference in the world for most people. In most cases, the Apex AP-Aurora (Black) should manage to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. People with larger frames might have a hard time getting full use out of this chair. However, overall, this is just the sort of massage chair that is going to help people feel better with no additional issues.


Cost: $3495.00
Save $400 More! (After Coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $2895.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown, Charcoal and Cream
The Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair was designed to give people a much more consistent pressure massage throughout the body, so it should be that much easier for people to manage to get the full benefits out of this massage chair. The Ipod and MP3 attachments will make it easier for people to listen to music during the massage in question. The Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair will allow people to get comfortable regardless of height, since it is capable of stretching for tall people, and it has been designed to effectively fit shorter people in general.


Cost: $4995.00
Save $1000 More! (After coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $3995.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Beige
This is a massage chair that is going to easily offer people a full-body massage experience in every way. The deep massage roller should really allow people to feel as if their sore muscles are getting the attention and the support that they need. There are lots of airbags throughout the massage chair that can give people the therapeutic relief that they need. The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair also allows people to customize and to save their personalized massage regimens, which are going to vary from person to person.


Cost: $4995.00
Save $996.00
You Pay Shopping With us:  $3995.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Beige
 People who are looking for advanced three-dimensional massage technology are really going to manage to find it with this product. It has zero gravity positioning and over shoulder massage capabilities, which is just going to make this device that much more effective for the people who are trying to get the best possible massage performance. 

Osaki OS-4000LS Massage Chair

Cost: $4995.00
Save $700.00 More! (After Coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $3995.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Ivory
The Osaki OS-4000LS massage chair is in a close race with the OS-4000T as the most purchased massage chair and rightfully so. The 4000LS is basically a 4000T but with more features. This chair was added to the collection as an answer to the flaws of the OS-4000T. One key feature is the adjustable shoulder widths. Usually taller people have a wider frame and this chair accommodates that. The only thing the OS-4000LS doesn't beat the 4000T at is price.

Osaki OS- Pro Maxim Massage Chair 

Cost: $5999.00
Save $1700.00 More! (After Coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $4999.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Ivory
Arm massagers, foot rollers, computer body-scanning system. Just some of the major features that make the OS-Pro Maxim a luxury massage chair. The rollers in the Pro maxim have been equipped with the technology map out the curvatures in your back to provide a more accurate precise massage. This means a more thorough massage hitting the key points where you need relief most. There is also an auto leg scan feature that will automatically adjust to the length of your legs. A truly automated massage chair that requires little operation.

Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium 

Cost: $9500.00
Save $4000.00 more! (After Coupons)
You Pay Shopping With us:  $8999.00
Available Colors: Black, Brown and Beige
100% Japanese quality - This massage chair is an elite in it's own right and gauranteed not to dissapoint. The 4D-JP Pro is on a completely different level from all the other massage chairs. All of the JP chairs are specifically crafted in Japan using advanced technology. Most rollers on 3D massage chairs can go up, down, left and right. This massage chair has an additional feature and that is it allows you to control the speed and time. This chair offers one of the most comfortable and customization massage experiences one could ever imagine. At $8999 might seem very expensive but with coupons you can get this massage chair for about $4,000 less!

Warranty and Pricing

 All the massage chairs listed on ship factory-direct (5-10 business days) and come with a 3-year rock solid warranty. This covers labor and parts for 1 year where if anything goes wrong we will send a technician to your house to sort out everything. All parts are protected under warranty for 3 years.

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Best massage chairs for 2016/2017

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